Sitka Sea Walk planning nearly complete, with construction set for this summer

Sea Walk Poster

A flier for a June 2012 community meeting about the Sitka Sea Walk.

The Sitka Sea Walk is scheduled to start construction this summer, and when it is completed it will provide Sitka residents and visitors with a scenic coastline walk from Crescent Harbor Park to Sitka National Historical Park.

The project has been in planning phases since September 2011, with community meetings to get feedback from residents about what they’d like to see in the sea walk plans. According to Monique Anderson of Anderson Land Planning in Sitka, who has been working with the city, “the project is close to 95 percent complete for design with construction anticipated starting this summer.”

The City and Borough of Sitka Department of Public Works has a Sitka Sea Walk website with more information about the project (last updated after the Sept. 28, 2012, public meeting), including two YouTube videos that feature 3D video clips showing different options for parts of the project. The Daily Sitka Sentinel ran an article in September that included highlights form the meeting, including a note from project engineer Dan Tadic that the cost was just under $2 million and funds are available. The planning process for the Sitka Sea Walk also has been integrated with a plan to to improve Harrigan Centennial Hall and the Crescent Harbor parking lot.

Jones & Jones Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Seattle (click Sitka Sea Walk in right column, or click here for a PDF) did much of the design work for the project. The City and Borough of Sitka worked with the Sitka Sound Science Center and Sitka National Historical Park about their sections of the route.

Not only will this project improve the walkability of Sitka, it will help our community celebrate its coastline.


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