Take a walk and check out some art during the Artigras gallery walk on March 15

ArtigrasWidebkg2Take a hike around downtown and see plenty of art as the Artigras Sitka Music and Arts Festival hosts a gallery walk on from 4-8 p.m. on Friday, March 15, in Sitka.

This year the Artigras gallery walk features at least 11 downtown galleries and businesses that will stay open later than normal to host shows by local artists and musicians. This walking and art event is one of the many Artigras happenings this month as part of the festival hosted by the Greater Sitka Arts Council.

Here is a list of some of the participating galleries and businesses (note, some have altered times):

  • Artist Cove Gallery, 241 Lincoln St., traditional and unique Alaskan art
  • Baranof Island Artists Gallery, 205 Lincoln St., grand opening/open house, featuring works by local artists Barb Bingham, Tess Giant, Janet Berlin, Stan Schoening, Pat Kehoe, Dan Evans, Kay McCarty, Melissa Harrison, Mike Wise, Tom Brown, Sandy Greba, Dixie Peterson, Lisa Teas, Julie Stroemer, Liz Faulkner, Auriella Hughes, Linda Wilson and Fairweather Design
  • Eclipse Designs, next to Wintersong Soap Co., 321 Lincoln St., locally crafted jewelry with natural stones
  • Fishermen’s Eye Gallery, 239 Lincoln St., featuring photography by James Poulson, oil paintings by Bruce Nelson and live music by Larry McCrenin
  • The Loft, 408 Oja Way, Suite A, “Interlude” artwork by Kari Johnson, Alaina Brown, Cyndy Gibson, Katie Mulligan, Larisa Manewal, Sarah Lawrie, Pamela Ash and Adam Andis, open 5-9 p.m.
  • Old Harbor Books, 201 Lincoln St., live music with Springfield & Dagger, 5:15 p.m.
  • Raindance Gallery, 205 Monastery St., local artists and carvings by Tommy Joseph
  • Silver Basin, 104 Lake St., events TBA
  • Sitka Rose Gallery, 419 Lincoln St., enjoy all the new art in the gallery
  • Waddell & Reed, 124 Lincoln St., Suite 201 (upstairs), multi-media art by Michelle Putz
  • Whitmore Hall, Sheldon Jackson Campus (located just east of Allen Hall), “The Mission” sound and images installation

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