Sitka Downtown Revitalization project to hang a second batch of banners this month


NewDowntownBannersEarlier this summer, the Sitka Downtown Revitalization project added a bit of color downtown by hanging eight banners designed by local artists on utility poles along Lincoln Street. Now, the project has 16 more banners to add to the mix.

The new banners should be hanging in time for the Alaska Tourism Industry Association conference in October and Alaska Day on Friday, Oct. 18. They will be installed by city electric crews on utility poles along Lincoln Street and Harbor Drive, adding more color to our downtown.

The banners replaced several older banners that were showing their age (more than 20 years old) and the effects of the weather. The Sitka Downtown Revitalization project, like Walk Sitka a community health project from the 2012 Sitka Health Summit, commissioned several local artists to design the new banners in an effort to help spruce up Sitka’s downtown and make a friendlier walking environment.


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