Sitka artists host their annual fall Sitka Art Walk on Friday, Nov. 28


Sitka artists are hosting their annual fall Sitka Art Walk from 5-9 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 28, at several businesses around Sitka. This event takes place on Black Friday, which is a sales tax holiday in Sitka.

Galleries and businesses participating in this fall’s art walk are:

  • Back Door Cafe, 104 Barracks, Featuring paintings by Tracy Sylvester
  • Robertson’s Gallery and Custom Framing, 128 Lincoln, New photographs and prints
  • Old Harbor Books, 201 Lincoln, Original Sculptures by Liz Zacher
  • Island Artists Gallery, 205 B Lincoln, Featuring more than 20 local artists
  • Homeport Eatery, 209 Lincoln, With live music
  • Fishermen’s Eye Gallery, 239 Lincoln, Mountain drawings by Norm Campbell, and Collages and Quilts by Lucy Phillips
  • Sitka Rose Gallery, 419 Lincoln, New Pastels and prints by Eric Bealer
  • Raindance Gallery,  205 Monastery, Featuring mixed media artist Vivian Faith Prescott

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