City looks to improve sidewalk safety for people who walk in Sitka

photo 4b

photo 2Have you seen colored stripes marking sidewalk imperfections in Sitka lately? This is happening to make Sitka sidewalks are level and don’t produce trip hazards.

The City and Borough of Sitka Streets Maintenance Division is out and about ensuring  the city sidewalks are safe for pedestrians. Improvements are currently taking place on Lincoln Street and Barracks Street, with plans to continue work throughout town as needed.

“We encourage citizens to call if they know of any areas where the sidewalk structure needs attention or  appears unsafe. Saving money and the safety of citizens and tourists are top priorities,” said Nick Kepler, maintenance and operations superintendent.

After an internal audit of the downtown sidewalks, Kepler determined that many areas did not meet Sidewalk Safety Standards. The department has been utilizing a concrete grinding machine to smooth transitions between varying height sections of concrete slabs. Extending the life of the existing sidewalks was chosen to conserve funds, rather than undertake an expensive removal and replacement process.

The improvements should be completed by spring.

For more information or concerns over certain sidewalks, contact the Streets Maintenance Division at 747-4041. You also can use the city’s online maintenance form.


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