Sitka National Historical Park consulting with Sitka Tribe of Alaska on Sitka Sea Walk expansion


Sitka National Historical Park is in consultation with the Sitka Tribe of Alaska as part of its government-to-government responsibility to consult as a federal agency.

Members of the park’s planning team have attended meetings with the Customary, Cultural and Traditional Committee and the Sitka Tribal Enterprises Committee to discuss options for the completion of the Sitka Sea Walk. Also, the park’s team will look ahead to projects requiring consultation in the coming year.

Public meetings have been held to gather input regarding the Sitka Sea Walk extension. In the future public and government-to-government meetings will be held to seek input on upcoming projects affecting public use of the park.

Sitka National Historical Park is responsible for managing park resources and providing opportunities for government-to-government and public input on projects that affect public use and park resources.

For more information, please call Ryan Carpenter at 747-0121.


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