SEARHC to host Fit Happens Step Challenge for Southeast Alaska walkers in August

Are you a Southeast Alaska walker who tries to get your 10,000 steps in every day? Are you interested in a challenge that might help you reach that goal?

The SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) health promotion program is hosting the Fit Happens Step Challenge during the month of August, and walkers can shoot for 100,000 or 200,000 steps during the month. If you meet your weekly goals, you might even win prizes.

How do you participate? Go to to register and download your step trackers. Then email your weekly step counts over the weekend to your local site leader, so you’re entered before each week’s drawing at noon on Monday (drawings start Monday, Aug. 12). There are weekly prizes for each division (100,000 steps and 200,000 steps), and a grand prize drawing at the end of the challenge.

“This is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and build a new healthy habit,” Sitka health educator Heleena Van Veen said.

If you want to do more than walk, the step tracker sheets include step conversions for other healthy activities, such as gardening or cycling.

For more information, contact these local site leaders:

  • Haines – Pam Sloper | 907.766.6367 | pams@searhcorg
  • Juneau – Hannah Schlosstein | 907.364.4404 |
  • Kake – Monique Ybarra | 907.785.6514|
  • Klukwan – Joanne Spudd | 907.766.6319 |
  • Prince of Wales – Kelsey Evans | 907.755.4995 |
  • Sitka – Heleena van Veen | 907.966.8914 |
  • Wrangell – Hannah Schlosstein | 907.364.4404 |

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