Join the Walk Sitka team in the 100 Miles In May Bonus Challenge

Are you feeling like your body’s going to pot as you’re confined to home during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak? You can join the Walk Sitka team in the 100 Miles In May Challenge, which this year is starting in April. The 100 Miles In May Challenge allows people to convert a variety of activities into steps, which then are converted to miles for the challenge. The challenge serves as a fundraiser to encourage youth to develop healthy habits of daily physical activity.

In a post on the challenge’s Facebook page, Harlow Robinson, executive director of Healthy Futures Alaska, wrote:

Stay Active, Stay Social

We’re holding 100 Miles in May a month early in hopes of helping everyone stay physically active and socially interactive during this challenging time. We’re calling it the 100 Miles in May Bonus Challenge.
Get registered now at and start getting your teams together. We’ll kick it off April 1st and hold back-to-back 100 Mile Challenges in April and May.
100 Miles in May is our annual fundraiser and the pledges received provide critical funding for our non-profit Healthy Futures program. Whatever your pledge amount, we are grateful for that support. If you can’t afford a pledge at this time, see the hardship email link during registration. We’ve got you covered. Workplace or family teams need only one pledge from the team leader. Leaderboards and totals will reset on May 1st but no need to pledge twice.
We hope you’ll join us and share with your friends and neighbors. Wishing you well as we all work through this together.
• Harlow Robinson, Executive Director, Healthy Futures”
The 100 Miles In May Challenge is a fundraiser for the Healthy Futures program of the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame. The program’s mission is to empower youth to build the habit of daily physical activity.  The Alaska Sports Hall of Fame honors athletes, events, and moments in Alaska sports history at a permanent gallery at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage.
Participants solicit pledges (or pledge on their own) per mile or a flat fee , but pledging is optional if you have a financial hardship. To register for the challenge, go to this link and sign up. You can fly solo in the challenge, or you can join a team. To join the Walk Sitka team, once you’ve registered go to this link.

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