Get fit and reduce car traffic this summer with the Walk, Bike, Win! downtown commuter challenge

With a record number of cruise ship visitors expected in Sitka this summer, the new Walk, Bike, Win! downtown commuter challenge will help reduce car traffic while also offering Sitka residents a fitness challenge.

Walk, Bike, Win! starts on Saturday, May 7, which is the first day when downtown streets are closed to cars because more than 3,000 cruise ship passengers are expected in Sitka that day. The contest runs through Thursday, Sept. 29, which is when the last large cruise ship of the season is scheduled.

This free challenge is co-sponsored by Visit Sitka, the Greater Sitka Chamber of Commerce, the City and Borough of Sitka, Sitka Conservation Society, the SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC), Sitka Trail Works, and the Sitka Cycling Club.

So how does the challenge work?

Sitka residents first need to register by going to the online registration link and submitting name and email, etc. Next, any time you walk or bike to a destination in the blue zone of this downtown map, record the trip and earn points. You earn points for any human-powered trip downtown, the time of the trip, and if it’s on a Lincoln Street closure day, plus there are bonus points for people who are new to active transportation.

There are a variety of prizes available from local merchants, including many that participate in the Bicycle Benefits program. The first 150 people to hit three points win gift cards from the Backdoor Cafe, Highliner Coffee, Wild Flower Cafe, Sitka Flowers and Chocolate Moose, and Fisheye Coffee. If you earn 25 points you get a gift card to the Sitka Local Foods Network farm stand at the Sitka Farmers Market or Old Harbor Books. If you earn 75 points you win a gift card from BEAK Restaurant or Mean Queen. For 150 points you win a gift card to Yellow Jersey Cycle Shop, Russell’s, or Work and Rugged Gear/Mountain Miss.

Those who earn 200 points will be entered into a grand prize drawing for $100 cash plus your choice of a three-month membership at the Hames Athletic and Wellness Center, two tickets on a 2022-23 Sitka Trail Works boat trip hike, or a one-year membership at the Salty Spoke Bicycle Cooperative.

People can pick up their prizes at the front desk of the Planning Department at City Hall. Every Friday, Sitka Trail Works will send out an email that announces that week’s prize winners. If you need a paper copy to log your trips, click this link and download it.

For more information, Doug Osborne at 966-8674 or

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